VARIO Fixings

VARIO Fixings
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VARIO Fixings is one of the ventilated façade systems designed for mechanical fixing of cladding materials.
Suitable for visible mounting of thin, smooth façade materials using rivets/ screws.

  • Aluminium composite material (etalbond®)
  • Metal sheet products
  • Cement boards
  • High Pressure Laminates (HPL)
  • Fibrecement
  • Composite mineral material
  • Glass fiber reinforced concrete
  • GFRP
  • Light transmitting concrete
  • Visible fixing solution
  • Resistance to all temperatures
  • Fast installation of façade material with different sizes available
  • Option to paint visible fastening elements in a wide range of colours to match façade material
  • Potential use of cladding materials with a thickness ranging from 4mm to 12mm