Sustainable development is defined as the right balance

between economic development, social justice and environmental protection, with the aim of meeting existing needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Consistently oriented towards the principles of Sustainable Development, ETEM operates responsibly in the whole range of its activities. Applying responsible operating practices to the decisions, procedures and systems it implements is a strategic choice.

Pursuing our business development to be environmentally responsible, we have defined, designed and adopted environmentally friendly methods and techniques, focusing on creating products and solutions that have a positive impact on the urban fabric. More specifically:

All our products are designed with the aim of the most rational use of natural resources and energy while we make every effort to ensure that they will be recyclable after the end of their life cycle.

We contribute significantly to the reduction of gaseous emissions - which in turn contribute to the greenhouse effect - as most of the raw materials we use in our production come from recyclable materials, a process that saves 95% of the energy required for production of aluminum products from primary metal.


We conduct environmental inspections and establish clear and measurable targets to evaluate and improve our performance.

We make significant investments, ensuring that our development meets today's needs, without endangering the well-being of future generations.

Our systems adapt their functions to the ever-changing environment, so that they can be used as a means of external communication with the internal environment, achieving:

  • High Energy Efficiency
  • Natural Light
  • Shading
  • Adequate Ventilation
  • Safety and protection