Meet ETEM and its history


ETEM is the oldest aluminum extrusion company in Greece.

It is a company with many years of experience, clear vision and stable values. Its priority, from its inception until today, is to understand the needs of the customer.

The company started its production activity in the 60's as " Aluminio Athinon" while it was founded as "Εταιρεία Ελαφρών Μετάλλων" (ETEM), in 1971.

ETEM is the first company that designs and produces integrated aluminium systems in Greece while applying the first curtain walling system in a high building, in the early 1970s, in the famous Tower of Athens, followed by international recognition, in 1988, after its participation in the construction of the emblematic Arc de la Defense, in the center of the French capital.

Another huge success of the company, and a relatively unknown aspect of its history to the consumer public, is that since 2013, ETEM has achieved something unique,

The certification of production and supply of aluminium profiles for the demanding market of the automotive industry.

All this know-how, as well as the innovative practices applied to meet the  needs of top European car manufacturers, is transferred to the design and production of an architectural system or an industrial profile.


Today, counting 50 years of experience and know-how,

continues to pioneer and create products of high aesthetics and quality, covering from the simplest to the most complex needs of modern consumers.

It is now one of the largest and most technologically advanced aluminum extrusion industries in Southeastern Europe, with state-of-the-art production facilities in Greece, with subsidiaries in Romania, Serbia and Ukraine and exports to more than 57 countries.

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Το παρόν

With our eyes on the future,

we are committed to designing even better products and services that will continue to improve the lives of people and society as a whole.

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Το μέλλον της ΕΤΕΜ

The company was founded as a Limited Liability Company (LTD)


ETEM's products are installed in the 1st high building in Athens, Tower of Athens 


Installation of a powder coating line & anodising unit 


Installation of the most powerful extrusion press line in the Balkan area, 2750 US tons (25MN)


Launching the new pioneering Architectural system (line E)


European acknowledgment "LA DEFENSE PROJECT" in Paris 


Installation of 24 MN extrusion line in Athens, Greece


Installation of a 5.500 US tons (50MN) extrusion line, the most powerful in SE Europe. Strategic partnership with the automotive Industry for processed AL Components


Construction of new storage facilities (20.000m) in Athens, Greece


Installation of a new vertical Powder - coating equipment for extruded profiles, and ageing ovens. 


Establishment of new subsidiaries in Serbia, Romania & Ukraine


ETEM innovates with Ventilated Facade Systems (VFS)


Installation of 2 new extrusion lines (18MN and 28MN) in Sofia, Bulgaria. Installation of new high - tech horizontal Powder Coating line in Athens, Greece 


Installation of 24MN extrusion line in Sofia, Bulgaria


Crash Relevant profiles certification for the Automotive Industry is achieved. ETEM is awarded new contracts with major Automotive manufacturers (Daimler, BMW, Jaguar - Landrover)


The first high rise building in Sofia (126m) with tailor made facade E99 is finished succesfully


ETEM re-starts production in Athens, Greece


ETEM Bulgaria entered into a Joint Venture with Spanish group Gestamp for the production of Automotive products. Architectural segment spins off successfully and is integrated in ETEM GR headquarters in Athens, Greece 


Installation of 20MN extrusion line in Athens, Greece. Installation of two automatic CNC thermobreak assembly lines by Hermann Muller 


Startup of vertical powder coating line in Athens, Greece. Installation of 2 new CNC machining lines.