Meet ETEM and its History
Meet ΕΤΕΜ & its history

For half a century we have been putting into practice the ideas and wishes of our customers

Το όραμά μας και οι στόχοι μας
Vision, Mission & Values

We shape the present, we design the future

Είμαστε περήφανοι για τους ανθρώπους μας
Our people

People make our vision a reality and "specify" our future

Η ΕΤΕΜ σε όλο τον κόσμο
Global Presence

Conquering the International markets, with projects in more than 57 countries

Γιατί το Αλουμίνιο είναι η πρώτη επιλογή
Why is Aluminum the first choice?

Because it combines functionality, energy performance, safety and is environmentally friendly

Ελάτε να εργαστείτε στην ΕΤΕΜ
Join the ETEM team

Equal Opportunities in one of the largest Industrial Groups in Greece

Minimal systems by Hyline
Minimal systems by Hyline ®
Βιομηχανικά & standard προφίλ
Industrial & standard profiles
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Our upgraded solutions are the ideal choice for environmentally friendly buildings...

characterized by high energy performance, while the excellent quality support services, guarantee the best and most productive result in the whole life cycle of our products.

The specialized human resources, in combination with the respect and support of the professional as a partner, is a primary goal of ETEM, as the goal of the network is to provide solutions throughout the life cycle of the project.

At ETEM, we work closely with each architect to understand his needs, desires and requirements. We propose the best solutions at all levels and study how the systems specified will work harmoniously with the other elements - parts of the project and to thoroughly analyze a project, identify its current and future needs, and provide solutions developed specifically for meet technical, operational and design requirements.

Everything you need to know about the provision of technical assistance and the distribution network of ETEM.

At ETEM, we provide all forms of technical support to our partners, offering all the necessary tools and regular communication, in order to prevent and address all technical issues related to a construction, throughout its life cycle.


We support your every step and professional need.

La grand bleu

Le Grand Bleu

McArthurGlen Designer Outlet

McArthurGlen Designer Outlet

Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development
Εταιρική Κοινωνική Ευθύνη
Corporate Social Responsibility

The main concern is the well-being of society as a whole.

Βιώσιμη Ανάπτυξη
Sustainable Development

Consistently oriented towards the principles of Sustainable Development, ETEM operates responsibly in the whole range of its activities…